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Energy and GHG Reduction Performance Meeting Held

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Writer KUNYOUNG Hit 76EA Date 15-01-31 07:39


The Korea Energy Corporation (Chairman Kim Chang-sup) held the "2018 Energy and GHG Emissions Reduction Support Performance Report" meeting to promote win-win cooperation between SMEs and SMEs.


The joint venture with the Ministry of Industry, together with the Ministry of Industry, will support SMEs that have limited capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency by investing funds and technology in SMEs. Military Energy Cooperation Project ".


In addition, we have been supporting efforts to build a growth environment for small and medium-sized companies by supporting measurement and monitoring systems for introducing energy management systems to small- and medium-sized businesses, and by supporting the commercialization of technologies developed by SMEs.


The performance meeting was preceded by a certificate ceremony for the award of the Energy Challenger certificate from the Small and Medium Businesses, and awards were given to five excellent projects, such as the recognition of excellent large corporations for joint venture growth and infrastructure support for building energy management systems.


In particular, at this day's event, we are awarded the "Energy challenger" for the first time to certify small and medium-sized enterprises, which are motivated by voluntary energy efficiency, The ceremony was held.


Jeong Han Precision Co., Ltd., Shin Heumang Co., Ltd., and Sinwon Chemical Co., Ltd. were selected as excellent small and medium enterprises.


The corporation also awarded four large conglomerates such as Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd., Korea Central Power Co., Ltd. and LG Chem Co., I asked for my efforts.


Meanwhile, 11 large companies including Hanwha Chemical supported 70 small and medium-sized business partners with guidance on energy management technology and consulting on efficiency enhancement through 'Industrial Cooperation Group Energy Cooperation Project' of the corporation.


Four companies, including KOMIPO, Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. and LG Chemical Co., Ltd., have cooperated with small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out reductions projects such as replacing high-efficiency air compressors.


The three companies, Pao Systems, Gungyoung Machinery, and Jo Eun-cheol, shared and disseminated the effects of the abatement technologies owned by each company.


Ko Jae-young, director of demand management at the Korea Energy Corporation, said, "The various support projects of the corporation are meaningful in that they are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that lack self-reduction capability." In order to contribute to achieve national policy goal of mutual growth, Cooperation and various SME support policies and incentives to expand the plan, "he said.


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