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Since the foundation in 1959, Kunyoung Machinery Co., is making best effort to provide the world-class compresso

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Writer KUNYOUNG Hit 88EA Date 15-02-01 07:39


The energy-saving screw compressors of Guyoung Machinery Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jung-hoon) have recently been attracting attention due to the fact that the textile dyeing industry is expanding supply to the textile dyeing industry.


Recently, Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co.,


These three companies have operated several plants with 5 ~ 10 horsepower reciprocating compressors, and have been operating the plant. The efficiency of the plant has been reduced, and it has been undergoing frequent troubles and overcharging due to overcharging of electric power. The energy saving screw compressors 50 horsepower ~ 2 units are installed and operating.


Compressor installed in Cheongwoon DYTEC and Sail Textile enabled communication lines to be connected to office PCs so that it can grasp the electricity consumption in office in real time.


Kunyoung Machine Multifunctional Energy Saving Screw Compressor has been highly effective in reducing the cost of electric power. Daegu-Gyeongbuk fiber dyeing companies as well as installation and usage inquiries are continuing from the nationwide textile dyeing companies.


Until now, Kunyoung Machinery has installed multifunctional energy saving screw compressors in more than 80 companies such as Hanshin Special Processing Co., Ltd., Mugil Dykong Co., Ltd., Daewoo Textile Dyeing Co., And the installation consultation is continuing.


In addition to the textile industry, Shin Hyundai, a Japanese paper maker, installed a 125-horsepower (HP) multifunctional energy-saving screw compressor from Gungyoung Machine, saving more than 2 million won per month.


It was 1,391.20kw after replacing the dry cleaner with 1,842.22kw per month using the existing compressors, showing savings of 24.48%.


As such, Gungyoung Machine's multifunctional energy-saving screw compressors are gaining popularity because textile dyeing companies, which have to operate 24-hour factories due to the possibility of industrial electric charge hikes and electricity rate progressives, to be.


On the other hand, as a result of commissioning KEPCO Screw Compressor to KEPCO in early last year, it was confirmed that the average electric power savings of 50 hp of energy-saving screw compressors was reduced by 30%. On December 9, He was awarded the Prime Minister's Award.


Lee Jung-hoon, president of the company, said, "We will contribute to the energy saving of the industry through multifunctional energy-saving screw compressors, half-size inverters, motors support, etc. to reduce the electricity cost of textile dye companies."


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